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Site Specific Training Facility 

The Stapleton Training Facility is located on 11 acres in a rural area of north eastern Pennsylvania, 75 miles from midtown Manhattan N.Y. The training facility was engineered, designed and built specifically to support and facilitate the unique and rigorous environmental training infrastructure necessary for training explosive detection canines and handlers. 
Operational Layout
The operational concept for the training facility building was narrowly focused on training detector canine teams. First and foremost the goal was to create a comfortable environmental envelope that is conducive to effective learning in an atmosphere that simulated realistic operational situations and challenges. The Operational training floor is segmented into separate micro training areas designed to replicate common field scenarios.
Explosives Storage Magazine Building
The engineering and construction of the Training Facility Explosives Storage Magazine Building is in full conformance with all applicable specifications, rules, regulations of the Department of Homeland Security- Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives as codified in Title 27 CFR Chapter II Part 555, Sub. K.
Type 20 Liceanse ATF
The use of live explosives in canine odor recognition training is an obvious advantage and differentiator over the use of typical simulated explosive training aids alone. Providing our canine teams continued exposure to actual explosive compounds naturally leads to higher accuracy rates and overall detection efficacy. We are also one of very few organizations nationwide capable of manufacturing our own explosives including homemade formulations such as TATP and HMTD for the use in imprinting our canines for operational identification. TATP and HMTD were the explosives used in the recent attacks in Paris France as well as Brussels.
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