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Enhanced Protection

Michael Stapleton, principal of Stapleton Security

is a former member of the

NYPD Special Operations Division.  

Michael continues his successful mission allowing the private sector access to the knowledge, training, and expertise found only within elite law enforcement.

 Our operational deployment and  training have successfully provided our clients with unmatched expertise in high-risk situations.  

Mitigation Operative

Who plans arrivals, departures, and meetings for Heads of State of foreign countries? We do! Who knows the best, safest routes to take? We do! Who can administer emergency medical assistance? We can! You may not know we are there but you will get there safely. Call Stapleton Security

Tactical Specialist

Are you a high profile corporate executive? Are you a highly recognizable celebrity?  Are you planning a corporate event? We will help to take security off your plate. We will jointly evaluate and recommend people and equipment. Call Stapleton Security

Emergency Psychological Technicians

When your HR Department is forced to terminate a potentially violent employee what is your plan? Dealing safely with emotionally disturbed individuals is what we do. Need an EMT, RN or PA. We can mitigate and prevent injuries. Call Stapleton Security

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