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Scent Detection Dogs

Detector Dogs

In the United States the use of dogs in detecting bombs started in the early 1940's.

In today's "war on terror" and unpredictable climate in which we go about our daily lives bomb detection canine teams play an important role. In 2010 the Pentagon was quoted stating "After $19 billion dollars were spent over 6 years the best bomb detector was the dog."

Highly trained/certified explosive detection canine (EDC) teams are a cost-effective and highly accurate means of detection when incorporated into your security operations. No person or machine can detect explosives as well as certified explosive detection canine teams. Our canine sweeps are a safe, non-intrusive and effective means to clear questionable packages, locate explosive devices and avoid unnecessary evacuations or disruptions to normal operations.

S.S.I. also realizes not every bomb detection canine team or program is equal. That is why it is our job to help educate end users as to why we are effective.

Stapleton Explosive Detection Canine Team Support NASCAR

Stapleton Explosive Detection Canine Team Support NASCAR

1. Do we have a training facility?
Answer: We have a 11 acre site specific canine training facility 70 miles from midtown Manhattan.

2. Do we train on real or "live" explosive?
Answer: We are licensed by the ATF to house real explosives for our canine training. If you operationally need to find real explosives you need to train on real explosives.

3. Do we certify our teams by a third party independent master trainer?
Answer: Yes

4, Is Stapleton Security a single handler canine program?

Answer: Dogs perform best when handled by the same person on a consistent basis. The bond between handler and canine cannot be over stated. The play reward one handler, one dog approach are necessary approaches.

5, How about unconventional explosives such as TATP and HMTD?

Answer: Stapleton's have possessed "live" explosives for K9 training for over 20 years. We received authorization in February 2016 to expand our capabilities to now manufacture explosives including HME and perioxide based explosives allowing our dogs real-time exposure to today's threats. We are one of only a handful of organizations to receive clearance for a type #20 ATF license. 

6, Are our dogs aggressive or intimidating?
Answer: No all of our dogs are hunting breeds that are environmentally conditioned to maintain a friendly, positive, well received additional layer of security into an existing security operation. 

5. Do Stapleton Security principals have experience?
Answer: The principals of S.S.I. have been deploying private sector explosive detection canine teams for over 30 years with unmatched success. We welcome the opportunity to discuss our past performance and encourage potential clients to speak with organizations that have and are using our services.

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