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Stapleton History

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Mr. Michael Stapleton is a retired veteran of the New York City Police Department’s elite Emergency Service Unit and successful businessman and entrepreneur. During his tenure in law enforcement special operations he developed considerable expertise in explosives based detection and countermeasures. Subsequent to his law enforcement career, he leveraged his unique expertise and vision to bring highly effective threat mitigation capabilities to the private security sector.

Stapleton History

The name Stapleton is synonymous with providing consistence high level specialized physical security resources for over 35 years. Michael along with his son Paul Stapleton spearhead Stapleton Security. 

Stapleton Security executives and staff bring years of unequaled knowledge and experience in the deployment of innovative security services such as Explosive Detection Canines, Remote X-Ray Screening Support, Chemical, and Biological Threat Detection, Off-Site Mail Screening Services, Special Events, and High-Risk Perimeter Protection.

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