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Special Event Security

Perimeter Screening
Consistent Screening Capabilities
Industry Leading Equipment
Positive Fans Experience
High Throughput
Explosive Detection Canine
Mobile Fast Set Up

Stapleton Security invested in the expansion of our already large inventory of perimeter security equipment. 

Stapleton also realizes the importance of a positive event experience. It is our company belief that when the correct security enhancements are implemented, the “positive experience” goal is achieved.

We Offer:
  • Rentals of walk-through metal detectors and hand-held metal detectors. (Ceia, Garrett, RapiScan)
  • Rental of x-ray screening equipment. (Smith, L3, RapiScan)
  • Explosive Detection Canine Teams. (We own and operate a 11 acre canine training facility 75 miles from Manhattan licensed by AFT&E to possess and manufacture explosives including TATP/HMTD)
  • Supply of highly trained walk-through metal detector and x-ray screening operators.
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